Thursday, January 12, 2012

Student's Street Dancing @ Ati-Atihan 2012 (01-11-2012)

Today, January 11, 2012, students from different schools in Aklan including Elementary Schools, High Schools, and College Schools joins the Student's Street Dancing "Ati-Atihan Festival 2012". Some people were wearing cartoon character costumes and some were wearing printed t-shirts while dancing to the beat of the drums and lyres not minding the extreme heat from the sun.

Check out some my shots below.
'Aklan Learning Center' kids together with their parents and/or guardians wearing printed shirts.

'Aklan Academy' students wearing 'Naruto' costumes.

'Central Panay College of Science and Technology' wearing yellow outfits. Look at that little girl. So cute with her "Darna/Wonderwoman" costume. :)

This one is 'Micky Mouse's' float. I forgot what school was this.

This one is 'Wadeford School' students. They are wearing black shirt and a headdress with chicken feathers  on it. I even spotted my schoolmate and took a photo of her. :)

Hey! It's 'Peter Pan'! I think this is also from Wadeford School. Correct me if im wrong. Hehe.

Riding in this float are the 'Lakan and Mutya of Kalibo Ati-Atihan 2012'. The two on the front are the 'Lakan and Mutya of Kalibo Ati-Atihan 2012' while the others at the back are the runner ups.

The 'Holy Child' school with their cute kids in the float. I don't know what these kids are and why are they in the float. All i can say is that theyre so cute. :)

'Monfort' school.

'Infant Jesus Academy (IJA)' with their float 'Transformers'.

This 'Naruto' costumed students are from 'Regional Science High School'. One in the middle is my brother. Ashamed of looking at the camera. :3

'Linabuan National High School' I think theyre wearing 'Green Lantern' costumes?

This last but not the least one are from 'Lilo-an National High School' wearing their 'Mickey/Minnie Mouse' costumes.

I haven't taken photos of all the schools who participated in the 'Sadsad' because I was with my mother looking for my brother. And she was talking with her friend. I planned to go look around and take photos of the other schools and even the other groups who were Street Dancing but I haven't. Tomorrow, me and my co-officers in SSC (Supreme Student Council) will be have a street dance too. So, I can take new photos again. I think tomorrow is also the 'Higante' parade too. Ill try to take photos! :)

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