Saturday, November 10, 2012

Zabroso Pizza and Pasta Kalibo, Aklan

It's Pay Day which means, Cookie Hour Time! On our work, we all agreed that we are going to have Cookie Hour during Pay Day. So, we gathered the money to buy food for all. I thought of Pizza. So, I told them that we buy Pizza for the Cookie Hour. Me and Roge, went to Zabroso Pizza and Pasta Kalibo Branch. We ordered Pepperoni Pizza without Mushrooms because I hate Mushrooms. :D Hahaha.

While our Pizza is being prepared, we waited for a while. While seating.

Pizza Dough
I took a photo of their dough. They prepare their dough at the front of their customers. It's a good idea because the customer really knows that they are ordering newly baked pizza and not just leftovers. And it's a good way to entertain the customers as well while waiting for their orders.

Took a Selca of myself too :D

After sitting for a while, the waiting is done! It took 10 to 15 mins of waiting. After we received our order, we immediately left the store and held back to the office. While the pizza is still how, we started eating!

Though I haven't eaten a lot of pizza's before. I can say that Zabroso's Pizza is not that bad.
In our place (Kalibo, Aklan), there are 3 stores that I know who sells Pizza. Greenwhich, Seafront, and Zabroso. We don't have Shakeys here. :D

The pizza is sliced into 8. This one big slice is mine! :D Meogeulae?

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