Monday, July 29, 2013 sends worthless mails?

Just this morning, I went to the post office because I got a notice that I have a mail. I was expecting that it's my order from Whenever I get mails from the post office, I am paying a fee of 50 PHP for me to get my order. So I payed for it, then signed some papers then the girl handed me a piece of thin plastic. Then I was like o.O "What is this? Is this my order? Is this all of it?" Then the girl answered me yes. "But I ordered 2 Shirts and a Pants. It can't fit in this small and thin piece of plastic bag." And the girl replied that's what arrived and no other mails for me anymore. When I opened the plastic, inside was just a piece of paper from When I read it, it was just a simple letter and some texts that I don't need at all. It was really worthless and stupid! I wasted my time and money for this nonsense mail they sent me.

When I get home, I immediately contacted them in Yahoo and asked about it.
Please see the picture below for our conversation.

Their customer service didn't reply after my last chat. I'm really really pissed off! Just a piece of advice to people like me, please check what mail you got before getting it. I'm so stupid I didn't think of this in the first place before getting it. This will never happen again.

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