Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Nano Gluta 800K [Review]

I recently won 2 bottles of this Nano Gluta 800000 from a facebook raffle. This is actually not a review yet but will update you once I finished the two bottles or if I can observe changes from my skin color. Please stay tuned! :) Thank You!


Hi everyone! Just for an update on this product. Today is my 10th day of using it since July 21st. I'm not sure about the effects yet cause I don't see any improvements on my skin. On my 5th day of using it, I thought that my skin got darker. I'm not sure about it though. I still continued taking it until today, and it seems that my skin is back to it's color. I'll continue taking it until I finish one bottle. I'll update you again once I see a difference or if I finished one bottle.

Note : As what is on Mart Lester's video review, he takes it twice a day so I also did. But due to busy schedule, I sometimes forget to take one in a day. So I don't consistently take two soft gels a day. Sometimes one, sometimes two.


And I'm back again for my new update. And this update will be my final update for this product. Please click here for my final verdict for Nano Gluta 800k.

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