Tuesday, September 18, 2012

[Kpop Event] Iloilo Kpop Organization Awards Night

(IKO) Iloilo Kpop Organization Awards Night

I was invited to join and watch the event of Iloilo Kpop Organization "Awards Night". The nominees we're all awesome and very talented! Both singing and dancing. It was my first time to attend such kpop event. It was very fun and unforgettable. Though it was awkward when people are looking at us, everything went fine.

I'm very thankful for IKO's President, who keeps on checking us if we're doing fine. She's really really nice.
Gomawo Noona :)

Here are some of the photo's during our performance. Thank you for the photographer.
(LOLed at my facial ecpressions. Hahaha)

(This one was the "Sexy Lady" dance step from PSY's Gangnam Style)
Heeeeyyy!!! Sexy Lady!!!

(This one was Dream High 2's "B Class Life")

(Can't determine what dance was this. Can't think right now. Hahaha)

(This is "Op op op op Oppa Gangnam Style!")

(And this one is from T-ara's "Roly Poly")

Thank You so much! Hope I could attend another one next time. :)
IKO Hwaiting!


T_T We went out as soon as the event ends so we are not on this photo.

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