Tuesday, September 25, 2012

[Video] The Office Escape Solutions (OES)

I was tasked to create a video for our Company so I compiled some photos that I have and created this simple Video. WORKING with us while having FUN! We are a team of Virtual Assistant from the Philippines. In our company, we don't have a formal office, uniforms, or whatsoever. It's because we want to work in a fun and free way. For us, working as a team is like working as a family.

In this video, it will show you some photos of our (OJT) On the Job Trainees. We let them experience a real work environment while having fun. We let them experience the same exact things we do. And as you can see in the video, they also interact with our clients. We don't let them feel like they are different from us or like they are just OJTs and we are the bosses. We are family.

( OES Office Escape Solutions | www.theofficeescape.com )

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