Wednesday, December 19, 2012

McDonalds Kalibo Now Open!

Finally it's open! McDonalds in Kalibo, Aklan is now open. While on the way to my work, I happened to pass by McDonalds and I was surprised by the number of people waiting for it to open.

I don't know why these people are doing this cause we all know that McDonalds isn't going anywhere right? Hehehe. Maybe Aklanon's just really love McDonalds at all. And maybe they wanted to try something new. Or maybe other's would take photos of themselves and post it their social networking accounts like facebook and twitter. (Like what me and friends will do too! Hahaha.)

I think the reason why these people waited there so early is because I heard McDonalds is giving away umbrellas to the first 100 customers. And my friends told me that the very first customer would have a free meal.

Anyway, I wanted to collect McDonalds toys so I think I'll be going there later :) with my friends.
By the way, there's an "Ati-atihan" performance beside the McDonalds. :)

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