Sunday, December 16, 2012

[Kalibo, Aklan] Dance Synergy 2012 @ Kalibo Pastrana Park

Kalibo, Aklan - We decided to have a visit at Kalibo, Pastrana Park with father, mother, brother and my nephew. We thought that there would be few people in there but we're wrong. Then we found out that there's a dance contest. I walked to the front of the stage and watched it. The first contestant were the Velocity X group. See photos below.

Velocity X (WINNER)

I've seen Velocity X group performing at Gaisano Capital Kalibo before and I can say that they really are good!

I'm also friends with their leader in facebook and have talked to him. I guess he's a good leader to his crew because their dance group is really amazing. You can tell by the way they dance. They have discipline and they have unity with each other.

Unlike some dance groups which doesn't connect to their members as long as they are doing good and they have the attention, they don't care about the other members anymore. I don't know if you get what I mean.

Velocity X as usual, have the strong energy from the beginning until the end. And that makes them great. Other groups had so much energy from the start but can't maintain it until the end of their performance.

Batang Palaboy

This next dance groups is "Batang Palaboy". It's my first time hearing them but I know the girl from their group. She was my schoolmate in High School. And I can say that she's a good dancer.

Batang Palaboy has a different concept than the first group. You can tell by the look of their costumes, their concept is nature.

Though they have different concept, I must say, their performance are equal from the first group. Despite the simple steps they had, the music makes me wanna dance.

And I think that is important when performing. You are like communicating to your audience.

Buhawi Dancers
The next group is the "Buhawi Dancers" who participated in Philippine Television show "Showtime". But when I saw them, they look a little different. My brother who's beside me told me that the members are new? These dancers here looked very young from before I saw them at Mabilo New Washington.

Anyway, while I was watching them perform, you can really say that in every group, there really is someone who will stand out the most. And they usually put them in the middle. From their performance, they are good too. They maintained their energy from the beginning till the end. What I love about them is their "synchronized dancing". I'm fund of watching Kpop groups who does synchronized dancing like Infinite, EXO, and others. These dancers should also try dancing kpop as well. I'm telling you, their dances are not ordinary. Try EXO's "History" and "MAMA".

 The next group was "Tsunami Dance Crew". It was my first time hearing about them as well and can say they also have the energy.

On my observation, they're not just dancers but comedians as well. The audience easily gets bored when the performance is very long. So, most of the dance groups thinks of an "Ice Breaker" on their performance. They usually insert a comedy dance or comedy act to keep the audience alive. And this group did it successfully. The audience really enjoyed their overall performance.

The next group seems to be consisting of very young members. The "BHX". I wonder what BHX stand for. (My brother noticed that one of the members is the daughter of our Teacher from kindergarten before.)

I don't know if they are amateurs or not. Maybe I felt they're amateurs because they're quite young. But whether they're amateurs or not, they have the talent and they can compete with those professionals. From their young faces, they have managed to connect their facial expressions with their dance.

I'm not an expert when it comes to terminologies on the dance so please excuse me for that :) I'm just basing my judgement of their performance on what I have observed.

Overall, their performance is great. Very talented kids. Hope to see them excel more in the future. Keep it up guys!

So, this is where it ends. I didn't know that there are still more groups to perform so we decided to go home. Hope to see more talented Aklanons in the future! We aklanons really are very talented.

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