Saturday, December 8, 2012

[Youtube] I'm a Youtube Partner!

Yey! I'm a Youtube Partner!

I started uploading on youtube for like 3 or 4 years already. I've been uploading amateur videos I personally created. Then created dance covers. But I never knew about Youtube Partner. I created another youtube account then uploaded my video covers again. That time, I already knew about Youtube Partner but I was never confident of applying for it because my videos have copyright issues because of the songs I used (Kpop Music). So, last September, I created new and fresh Google Account and transferred all my social networking accounts on it including my new Youtube Account. I uploaded my first video last September 25. It was a video of photo slideshow's of the people in the company I'm working for and our On The Job Trainees. It's simply a video tribute for our OJTs. Then, Uploaded my 2 most viewed videos on my account. It was a video about android phones. And I think that's the reason why I was approved to be a Youtube Partner.

Actually, I didn't apply for the Youtube Partner. It was Youtube who emailed me and invited me to monetize my videos and became a Youtube Partner. I was really shocked because I never thought I can be a Youtube Partner of my video with just 5 thousand views. But, I'm really really happy about it. Thank you youtube!

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