Saturday, September 13, 2014

Cebu Streetfood

Kain tayo sa labas! Literally, we really did eat outside. Just when the sun went down, people are setting up their barbecue stands and table and chairs everywhere. Some we're grilling already and some were eating. We decided to just have our dinner there too. The experience was really unforgettable! It's my first time to eat outside literally. We were eating on the street where the tables and chairs are places. Barbecues are really delicious and very cheap! We ate so much that night.

We took a photo while waiting for our food. Have you noticed our hands? We have plastics on our hands because we will not be using spoons and forks when eating. It's what we call "kamayan" in the Philippines. From the word "kamay" or hands. We'll be using our hands to eat and it get more delicious that way. And the one on the middle is what they call "puso" or rice wrapped in a coconut leaf. If you'd ask me how they cook it, I do not know. Hahaha.

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