Saturday, June 6, 2015

Asus Zenfone 5 Lollipop Update!

Manual update to firmware ver WW ( Lollipop firmware)
Step 1: Download the Lollipop firmware from Asus website directly on your Zenfone 5. (700mb)


Step 2: This firmware will download in the Download Folder in the Internal SD. Cut paste the zip file from the Download folder and copy it outside the download folder into the Internal SD as shown below. (Do not extract the zip file)
 Step 3: Then press and hold power to get Restart option and Restart the phone.


After restart the phone will show a triangle notification on the status bar . (If you do not get notification, disable data and reboot)
Pull down the notification panel and you will see that a system update is available.
Tap on that you will get this prompt.

Select OK.


It will again prompt you the warning message that battery should be around 15%. As a precaution I have charged it above 25%.
Select Ok and the phone will restart and begin upgrading to Lollipop.

You will see that the System update is being installed. It could take a while to complete this process.
Then the system will reboot again.

This time you will see that "Android is upgrading" . After optimizing all apps the system will reboot to home screen as below. This may take some time.

Finally Zenfone 5  upgraded to Lollipop.
You will be greeted with the unmistakable Lollipop notifications as the phone boots and also you will get a prompt that the system update is successfull. You may need to update Google Play services after the update, so please check it and do so.


I hope my efforts have been helpful in getting you closer to sweet Lollipop on your Zenfone 5

Credits : Toonster (Link)

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  1. The link is not working and i tried the3.23.40.87
    And it said installation aborted help?