Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sound Bytes Mini Bluetooth Speaker [Review]

Got a chance to review this mini bluetooth speaker bought from Lazada. It's 'Sound Bytes Digital Mini Bluetooth Speaker'. When I got it from LBC, I was surprised that it has a bit of weight from it's very small size. See photo below of how small it is (I'm holding it with my hand). From it's box, no manuals whatsoever. Just the mini speaker itself and chord with a 3.5 mm jack and mini usb charger.

When we turned it on, a voice will say 'bluetooth device is ready to pair'. However, we can't seem to find the device from our phones and even from our laptops. While exploring how we can connect to it via bluetooth, we discovered how to change modes from bluetooth, to auxiliary port, and FM radio. We also tested its SD Card and it's working. All are working well except for the bluetooth. We we're planning to return it to Lazada but we're not sure if we can because LBC didn't gave us any return form.

Anyway, the sound it produce is loud but when reaching it's maximum volume, the sound breaks. I can say, it's quality is not good. If I'm gonna rate it out of 10, I'll give it a 6. And since it's bluetooth is not working which suppose to be it's main feature, I'll rate it 3. I read some comments on Lazada and other users was able to use it without bluetooth problem. I just guess the unit I have has a defect.


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  2. Replies
    1. Tried connecting it on both laptop and smartphone. But no good at all.

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