Thursday, July 4, 2019

Bad Hotel Fenson Experience In Clark | Baguio Trip

It's the last day of our vacation in Baguio and we need to look for a place to rest for the night at Clark before our flight at 6 in the morning. We looked for a hotel at and we stumbled on this 'Hotel Fenson' hotel. The place looks good in the photos and we think we can rest well in there before our flight so we immediately booked a reservation. We didn't expect this is how it looks in person!

We were really disappointed with the hotel but we can't do anything anymore. It was already booked and we don't want to pay an extra just for us to be accommodated to a better room.

Just a lesson for a DIY travel, before you book, please always check the comments section or the reviews. Also, when you book a reservation, you may also want to check the room first before paying. 

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