Saturday, June 22, 2019

Valleypoint Campsite Near Baguio | Baguio Trip

Planning a vacation in Baguio? You may wanna put into list this "Valleypoint Campsite" in Benguet just near Baguio City! My friends were searching for places to go to when we get to Baguio and they stumbled into a post from facebook and discovered this campsite.

We were amazed with the place as it is on top of a mountain where you can see a wonderful sight. Overlooking Baguio City! When we get there, it's not yet time for our check in so they made us go around the place for a while we waited on the second floor just above their restaurant.

The place was surrounded by transparent glass walls so campers can see the view. Fogs were everywhere from time to time. Then, we played Jenga, Scrabble, and UNO. There were no WIFI and TV on the campsite so campers would enjoy quality time with friends. There are other activities that you could do too like Archery, Airsoft, Bonfire, etc.

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