Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Malumpati + Blue Lagoon 2019

Malumpati Cold Spring Blue Lagoon

The last time I went to Malumpati was in year 2013 if I can remember. And I think, not a lot has changed. But there are some improvements. Their cottages, the tree near the water was removed and a two tier jumping board was created. It is my first to go to the Blue Lagoon too! Another noticeable change to mention is that, there are lots of Korean tourist now. They are with their tour guides. I guess after their Boracay tour, they were referred in Malumpati by their guides. Also, I've watched a Korean Local show where Ryan Bang was promoting Malumpati Cold Spring. I guess that's another thing which made it known for Koreans.

Malumpati Cold Spring
Malumpati Cold Spring

Anyways, see photos I've shot below. I also took videos but I haven't edited them yet. I don't know when I can edit them. I will update this if ever. Thank you! :)

Malumpati Cold Spring
Welcome to Malumpati!
Behind me is the Blue Lagoon
The guide told us that they had a visitor from the "Enchanted River" Surigao. The visitor said that the Blue Lagoon of Malumpati is the same with their Enchanted River. However, the Blue Lagoon is not for swimming. It is prohibited for the preservation of the lagoon.

Malumpati Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon

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